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Entry 936 made on 2009-01-08 18:14:33

Visitor's Name: Margo Weight
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Mapleton, Utah, USA
How you found our site: internet
Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: Sadie, 10 year old female, noble friend and love of my life came up with partial left rear leg paralysis on Dec 26 2009. One of the worst days of my life. In hindsight I am thinking that her symptoms of incontinence are related to DM and have gone on for sometime (2 1/2 years). I am waiting for my first shipment of drugs to arrive from Westlab and am hoping I will be able to get them in her as we are battling a severe loss of appetite. I was afraid she would starve to death and am trying everything I can do just to get her to eat. She is very sensitive and will quit eating at the drop of a hat. Her condition has gradually improved and she is able to go for walks. We are also dealing with a torn ACL from September 2008. I am hoping to have her with me just a little longer with a good quality of life. If I seem more improvement after giving her the meds from Westlab does she stay on them for the rest of her life? Thanks, Margo

Entry 935 made on 2009-01-08 15:20:28

Visitor's Name: Michelle S.
Homepage URL: Columbus, WI. USA
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Comments: Thank you soooo much for that information (NOT to give my dog an IMMUNE BOOSTING supplement !!!) I had no idea it would be HARMFUL, but when I read up on it (with no information on how it would effect a DM dog) I was hopeful it could at least help him short term. Next Tuesday I will be taking Sam in for another exam to hopefully get some answers! I do pray it's not DM, but at the same time I am being realistic! P.S. Do any of your dogs stumble and have their legs fall out from under them, but get out into the yard and RUN like nothing is wrong???

Entry 934 made on 2009-01-07 18:48:20

Visitor's Name: Michelle S.
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Columbus, WI. USA
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Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: I have two GS dogs. My male (Sam), age 8 years, is our silly boy who always loves to play and mess with his sister (Vixen) also 8 years. Vix is more of an "old soul" and thankfully from different parents then Sam. I always thought my girl would leave me before my boy, but now I'm not so sure. I think my dog may have DM! Back in June, 2008 Sam was given a clean bill of health along with shots at his vet visit, a few weeks later he seemed to get very ill. We took Sam to the vet because he was dragging his right back leg and was very lethargic, vomiting, loose stools and he seemed very sensitive to the light, his eyes were dilated. To make a long story short, he was sent home with meds. for a "back" problem. Not much changed so we went to a specialist who believed it was a tic born illness and was put on anti-biotics. Well, over all Sam got better. He started eating better and gained energy back but still had the slight foot drag. His vet then thought maybe Cauida Equina. In December, 2008 we noticed more of a foot drag, and more weakness in the back legs in general. Sam has also lost a lot of muscle mass (something we noticed even earlier on, back in June). Now he seems to be weaker, slipping and having his legs give out on him from time to time and more crossing of the hind legs. Sam also has an arched look to his back which also seems more pronounced. I hate to see my very high spirited dog, now with less energy and not so full of life!! ) I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a dog with DM with the same type of illness at the onset of their dog,s DM? Also has anyone tried immune boosting pills? Did it change anything? Also, I would like to find a more natural dog food for Sam. Currently he is on Iams lamb and rice (sensitive stomach kind of guy). Thank You so much for this site!! I pray our dogs will someday have a cure for this dishonor placed on them. Please write back to the guestbook if you have any info. My computer is not allowing me to sign in on the message board. Thank you and best wishes to you and your dog(s).
From Marjorie

Please do NOT give immune boosting pills or supplements to a dog with DM!!! The very LAST thing one would want to do to a dog or person with an autoimmune condition, is to boost the immune system! With an autoimmune disease, you would want to turn OFF the immune system- NOT RAMP it up! In an autoimmune disease, the more you boost the immune system, the more the body attacks itself! In fact, in some autoimmune conditions, Chemotherapy is given to deliberately crash the immune system, to stop the body from attacking itself, which it mistakenly perceives as the enemy :(

Entry 933 made on 2009-01-06 01:36:39

Visitor's Name: Marc Andrews
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Portland, OR, USA
How you found our site: Eddys weels
Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: I am so scared of losing my 10 yr old Welsh Corgie to DM. and i just don't know whear to start to help him

Entry 931 made on 2009-01-05 20:20:38

Visitor's Name: Erika Thimm
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Port Perry, Ontario
How you found our site: internet search
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Comments: (No comment made)

Entry 930 made on 2009-01-05 19:09:42

Visitor's Name: John Bartelous
Homepage URL: http://www.kirraczar.co.uk/
You are from: Brede, nr. Rye, East Sussex in the UK
How you found our site: A search for information on DM via Google
Would you recommend our site to others?: Most certainly


Entry 929 made on 2009-01-04 13:06:58

Visitor's Name: Gene Bass
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Eureka, CA, USA
How you found our site: Google
Would you recommend our site to others?: Yes

Comments: Tara, our family GSD has DM. I would love her to see her 16th Birthday in October but things don't look good for her. She has lead a long wonderful life with our family and by GSD standards done well.

I appreciate your time and efforts to put together this information. Our decision day is surely nearing and it helps to read about how others have known it was time.

Warm regards,

Gene Bass, Eureka, CA

Entry 928 made on 2009-01-04 06:18:31

Visitor's Name: Eric and Carmen
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Draper, Utah
How you found our site: web search on DM
Would you recommend our site to others?: absolutely!

Comments: Our family has two beautiful german shephards- black and tan female, Hedi (not pronounced as Heidi) and one white male, Baron or better known as Bear-Bear.

Baron has had DM for the past year(January 3, 2008). I initially noticed in the early spring of 2007 that Baron seemed to be limping ever so slightly. So slightly in fact, that no one else in my family could tell except for me. I insisted that my husband check his paws frequently to see if he was injured. I finally gave up being worried there was something wrong until September of 2007 his limp became very pronounced. I figured he had hurt himself going on walks with my husband and chasing deer and skunks in the mountains of Utah. My next door neighbor is a vet and we had him check Baron out multiple times before we finally took him in to our local vet for x-rays and blood tests in January 2008.

Baron seems to be hanging in there, still seems like he has a quality of life. Our neighbor vet has moved further into the mountains of Coalville and has offered to put our dog down at our home when the time comes. We are grateful for his care of our family member and his friendship over the years.

Losing close family members is nothing knew to our family-when we put are first dog down due to old age about 4 years ago, it was hard for my family since we had already lost a brother-in-law in the military at the age of 25 and our nephew at the young age of 7 due to a rare heart condition. Now I have a son with a mutation of that rare heart condition and another son with scoliosis...Baron with DM and my heart sinking to prepare for the day that is quickly approaching to say good-bye to our beloved pet. Everyday my family cares for Baron by helping him go to the bathroom, grooming and preparing his meals while making sure we flip him to prevent body sores. The four of us make time everyday to spend quality time with him to keep his spirits up. I pray that God will continue to give my family the strength to pull through this when the time comes. Thank you for your site and the support it has provided me and my family.

Entry 927 made on 2009-01-02 00:16:15

Visitor's Name: kate seabeck
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: La conner, washington, usa
How you found our site: internet under myelopathy
Would you recommend our site to others?: yes

Comments: i really need help understanding this.so far you have been MOST helpful!

Entry 926 made on 2008-12-31 17:04:44

Visitor's Name: Pam Morris
Homepage URL: No website supplied
You are from: Winston-Salem, NC 27103
How you found our site: Googling to find out more about DM
Would you recommend our site to others?: Yes

Comments: Thank you for sharing your information. Our Boxer/Pit mix is suffering from (confirmed by spinal fluid evaluation)DM and it is now progressing rapidly.