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OFA Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Survey

Please take the time to fill in the following questions if you had a dog that was tested for DM using the University of Missouri DNA test.  All fields are required to be filled out, to accurately complete this survey.  No information will be sold.  Wont you please help us, in our quest for information , which may one day help lead us out of the darkness of DM.

Thank you :)

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DNA Survey
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Breed of Dog:      

Did your dog test clear, carrier or at risk?
Clear Carrier At Risk

Did this Dog Develop DM? 

What other test did you do to try and confirm DM when your dog was alive?

Was a necropsy performed upon this dog when it passed? 

Was the necropsy result sent to the Universtiy of Missouri? 

Did you speak with anyone at the University of Missouri regarding the necropsy report? 

If so, with whom did you speak?      

If your dog tested negative, and you bred your dog, did any of its progeny develop DM? 

Did any of the progeny of the progeny develop DM? 

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