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Ultimate Award and Puppy Love animation

Ultimate Logo

To: mz66@aol.com
From: Altair7@earthlink.net (It's only me!)

Dear Marjorie Zimmerman & Tom Cammarata,

We have taken the time to view your site and found it "Excellent"!

I was personally overwhelmed with the emotional affect your site had on me. So much as to bring tears to my eyes... the love you both have together. I was so deeply moved... that I am awarding your site with the highest award we have. "The Ultimate Award"

In memory and deep consideration of your very dear companion, I also offer you and your site an animation I think you will hold very dear... and to all animal lovers everywhere. ... It is one of the cutest animation's I've ever made! It's called "Puppy Love". Hope you enjoy it!

Both graphics are attached.

Please link the Ultimate Award to the following URL:

The Puppy Love animation can be linked (it is not mandatory) to my entry page at:

You have a great site and I wish you the many successes that you divinely deserve.


Click on either of the 2 below images...

The "Ultimate Award" on the left takes you to "Altair's Awards"
The "Puppy Love animation" on the right takes you to "Graphics by Altair"

The Ultimate Award Graphics by Altair

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