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The Starfire Award

The Starfire Award

To: mz66@aol.com
From: portserv@es.co.nz (rhonda)


Your website has been awarded the " STARFIRE AWARD "

From time to time, we find, often by accident, Websites that have that 'something special' - that mysterious element that sets them apart from all others.  They may not be top Award winning sites, be perfectly designed or receive hundreds of visitors each day, but they have that indefinable something that 'tugs at your heartstrings', 'sends you on an emotional trip' or lets you know that 'you have feelings that are not as yet fully explored'.

Websites such as this remain often unrecognised, and we, the two website owners involved with this Award, wish to reward in some small way, the immense pleasure we have received from their efforts.

The "STARFIRE AWARD" means that there are two (2) of us who have our own sites, and together we sincerely evaluate other sites, and take our time to carefully select those we feel are "Uniquely Special" to receive our Award.

There has been NO application and NO criteria to meet.  WE EITHER FOUND YOU OR SOMEONE PASSED YOUR WEBSITE URL THROUGH TO US!

Websites being assessed are reviewed by two persons totally unrelated to each other whether in person or in website.  Both reviewers must agree on the value of a website or no Award will be offered.  No winners list will be maintained and under no circumstances will correspondence will be entered into UNLESS you are having problems receiving your Award.

Being a recipient of the " STARFIRE AWARD " carries, for you, two obligations only:

1)   That if your website ever reverts to an adult orientated site, therefore becoming an unsafe surf area for children, your Award will be revoked immediately.

2)   The " STARFIRE AWARD " must be linked back to both our websites which are as follows:



Regards ......   " STARFIRE AWARD "

Click on any one of the 2 Starfire Awards that you see below...
The award on the left takes you to "OTAKOU NEW ZEALAND ONLINE"
The award on the right takes you to "UFO's - A NEW WORLD"

The Starfire Award - OTAKOU NEW ZEALAND ONLINE The Starfire Award - UFO's - A NEW WORLD



To: mz66@aol.com
From: portserv@es.co.nz (Rhonda)

CONGRATULATIONS - Your Website JACK FLASH'S HOMEPAGE has been awarded SIXTH placing in our monthly OTAKOU TOP TEN AWARD PROGRAM for the month of JUNE 1999.

Winning a Top Ten Placing is not easy - our criteria is often difficult to meet but your success shows that, above all else, you have created a website that has quantity, quality and feeling.  Your web site was thoroughly reviewed/critiqued by two Judges' totally unassociated with the Otakou New Zealand Online Website other than to be contracted to assess the Monthly Top Ten Award entrants.  I am pleased to report your web site has received a rating of "Excellent".  Well done!!  You may view the full criteria for this Award at our Website based at http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~portserv/index.htm

We are proud to have you on our winners list;  we are aware that you have worked hard to create your website and to produce the standard of quality our criteria demands.  Your website URL will be listed at Otakou for the month of your win.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your website has given to us whilst visiting your particular area.

Regards - Rhonda - Webmaster - portserv@es.co.nz

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