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Kruzman's Hot Site Bronze Award


To: mz66@aol.com
From: jandt@visualxtreme.com (Jeff (Kruz))

Dear Tom and Marjorie,

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site.  I had no trouble finding my way around and found your content very appealing.  On behalf of "Graphics by Kruz" it is my pleasure to present you with Kruzman's Hot Site Bronze Award!!  :)  You have a very nice site.  You've done a very good job on it!  Thank you very much for applying.
Sincerely, Jeff K. (Kruzman) @ "Graphics by Kruz"

Attached is the code to paste into your html, for linking the award back here so that others such as yourself, may have an opportunity to apply.  I have attached a copy of the awards (.gif) file to this e-mail as well to be uploaded to your server.  If there are any problems feel free to contact me.  Your site will be added to my winners list very soon.

Thanks again,
Jeff Krzyzanowski "Graphics by Kruz"
For custom graphics visit Visual Xtreme at

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Kruzman's Hot Site Award

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