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Marc and Lucie's
Jack Flash's Homepage "Must See" and "Web" Awards


To: mz66@aol.com
From: lucie.grenier@nf.sympatico.ca (Lucie Grenier)

Hello Marjorie,

Sorry for the delay, we have been quite busy lately... Marc and I visited your website and it is with pleasure that we give you our Website award along with our Must See Award. Your pages are very well layed out, it is easy to browse through them and the content is great and very helpful and informative for those who need it. I have to say that I found Jack's story very moving and the help you bring to others who are going through the same ordeal is fantastic!

We send the awards as attachments, but if your e-mail doesn't support them, you can pick them up at the following address:


You can link them back to Marc's Pages though this is not an obligation, at this address:


Congratulations on your great work and we wish you and your website a lot of success! :-)

Marc and Lucie
lucie.grenier@nf.sympatico.ca (Lucie Grenier)
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