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Internet Brothers Good Start Plaque for Helpware Excellence


To: MZ66@AOL.com (Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata)
From: jhclark@earthlink.net (Jeff Clark)

Site name: Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group
Marjorie Zimmerman/Tom Cammarata
Date submitted: 6/17/99
Reviewer(s): JHC
Reference#: 061799-b

Dear Marjorie and Tom,

Congratulations, you are a winner of the Internet Brothers Good Start Plaque for Helpware Excellence.  You should be very proud of the work you have done, and strive for continuous improvement.

If you wish to accept our award, please load the attached graphic to your server, and include the HTML code snippet with the graphic on your page of choice.

Upon receiving this award, a note of acknowledgment would be greatly appreciated.  And, if you choose to accept this award, let us know when it's posted, so we can add your site to our winners list.  Thank you for your interest... and continued good luck with your web site!


Jeff Clark
Internet Brothers

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