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My ParenTime's Informed Site Award


To: MZ66@aol.com
From: myparentime.com

Dear Marjorie,

I want to thank you so much for introducing me to your Internet site, "Jack Flash's Homepage/Home of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group" (http://redrival.com/mz-jf).  I found it to be very informative and the way you speak of your beloved Jack...  the closeness you shared...  allowed me to experience your heartache, triumphs, joys and fears, with you.  I was certainly moved and touched by your honesty and close friendship you treasured. 

I will certainly be honored to add your site to our PetSpot area, and I'd also like to thank you for devoting so much time to helping others.  I wish the world was full of kind-hearted people as you are ;-).  Also, I thank you for your very kind words in our guestbook!

And....  After careful review, we have chosen your site (Jack Flash's Homepage/Home of the Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group. - http://redrival.com/mz-jf) as a winner of My ParenTime's Informed Site Award!

We offer this award strictly to those sites that provide information that will help the public in some way.  My ParenTime stresses the importance of providing sites that inform.  This not only helps others, but it helps to make a better online community.  Thank you for having an informed site!

Please feel free to reduce the size of the image's width and height, as long as you keep it in the correct size proportion.  If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me.

PLEASE EMAIL US WHEN YOU HAVE ACCEPTED & DISPLAYED OUR AWARD ICON so we can add your site to our Winner's List!

We would also like to invite you to visit STOP Sex Offenders!  Won't you please consider helping us inform others?  Find out more about our crusade here:  http://www.myparentime.com/stopoffenders.html

Congratulations again on displaying an Informed Site!

Best always,

My ParenTime - Your Info Community!
We aim to inform, educate, & entertain!

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My ParenTime's Informed Site Award

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