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The iNet Award for Web Site Excellence


To: mz66@aol.com
From: spgold@cybercomm.net (Karen Pimtzner)

Hi Marjorie,

Congratulations!  Your site, Jack Flash's Homepage, has won the iNet Award.  Your site is wonderful.  It is very evident that you loved Jack Flash and it reflects throughout your pages.  The valuable content is also to be commended, if only to keep another "special" pet with their family.  Your site is extremely well designed and easy to navigate.  Your research is thorough and well presented.

Your award is attached.  Please link it back to http://www.petalperfect.com.  Your site will be added to our winner's list shortly.

Again, Marjorie, thank you for inviting me to your site.  It is a fine tribute to a cherished friend.

Karen Pimtzner
Petal Perfect
iDesign - The Art of Simplicity
in everything you do on the
Internet from shopping to web
site design.

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iNet Award for Web Site Excellence

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