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Hillbilly Hankerin's "Reflections of the Web" Award


To: mz66@aol.com
From: deal@netlinkcorp.com (deal)

First off please allow me to thank you for visiting our site and for taking the time to apply for our award. We also would like to thank you for allowing us to review your site. We hope that you enjoyed our site and will come to see us again often. We wouldn't mind if you passed our URL on to all your friends and neighbors either.

As for your application, CONGRATULATIONS. We have reviewed your site in great detail and find that you have all the qualities that qualifies you for our toughest award...the Hillbilly Hankerin's Reflections of the Web award. This despite the fact that you have only applied for our Platinum award. We found this site to be very visually appealing, quite subtley beautiful in fact, very solid in its HTML coding, full of pertinent and relevent content, and very easily navigated. (We really enjoyed your photographs and your presentation was very nice indeed). You show a tremendous ability for websites and the tremendous hours of conception, creation and maintenance of a site of this caliber is very evident. In addition, your site contains information that is very important to others and therefore shows more than just a mere presence on the web. You have done a marvelous job. Keep up the fine work.

We are a very difficult award to receive because we want our award to mean something and not just go to all who apply.

You have a very fine site. One the shows pride both for you and your dear friend dog. We understand fully the countless thousands of hours that you have dedicated to this site in its conception, creation and maintenence. Please email us when you have placed the award upon your pages and linked back to our site at http://w3.netlinkcorp.com/hillbilly/ and we will immediately add you to our winner's pages.

Again keep up the fine work and our best wishes on all of your future web and life endeavors. Until next time....Peace and Happiness..

Bing and Ricki Larson
URL: http://w3.netlinkcorp.com/hillbilly/
email: deal@netlinkcorp.com
ICQ# is 28428005

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Hillbilly Hankerin's Reflections of the Web Award

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