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dlb Bronze Award for Excellence


To: MZ66@AOL.com
From: award@dlb99.com (dlb Challenge Award)

Dear Marjorie,

We proudly present you this dlb Award.  Your website has met with the criteria needed to win our Award of Excellence.  We award sites that add good content to our Internet Community by invoking curiosity, education, design, and assistance.  You have created a good content to our WWW.  We congratulate you on a job well done and you deserve the recognition of adding helpful information to the Internet Community.

Please link this award back to "dlb99 Internet Solution" using
so that others who would like to apply for our award may do so.

Upon receiving this award, a note of acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated.  And, if you choose to accept this award, let us know when it's posted, so we can add your site to our winners list.  Thank you for your interest... and continued good luck with your web site!

Once again, congratulations!

M&M de la Bastide

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dlb Bronze Award for Excellence

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